Rim Bouras

Rim Bouras is a Tunisian artist born in 1995. She was passionate about drawing from a young age, she graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Tunisia in 2019, she studied graphic design on her bachelor and animation on her master. She also studied the conception and production of 3D animated films at the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba.
She uses several mediums, such as drawing, painting, collage, and digital techniques.
After her graduation, she devoted her time learning how to draw comics. Rim participated with LAB 619 for the first time with the writer Darius Al Alemzadeh in drawing the story ''Shah Mat'' which was published in the fanzine “Dimochrachneya”.
She also participated in writing and drawing the story of ''Umm Al-Darari '' For the LAB 619 in Tazarka International Comic Strip Exhibition (SIBDT, ''Umm Al-Darari '' was also featured in Mahmoud Kahil Award book, she joined the workshop of fear and myths between Tunisia and Egypt with Sobia/Mazg tocreate a comic book on horror tales, that helped her become an illustrator which led her to practice in Grimoire fanzine and online exhibition with ‘Maison de l’image’.

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